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Tan Pham Gia - Our Story

Founded in 2003, TAN PHAM GIA was a small clothing shop.


For more than 17 years in fashion industry, we are proud that our brands has been distributed to most of big shopping malls in Vietnam such as Aeon Mall, Vincom, Vivocity, Crescent Mall and Lotte. But we still have a mission.


A mission to deliver what is best for our customers.


As we believe that our customers are key for keeping us to accelerate the growth of the company. 


An Nguyen

-CEO & Founder of TAN PHAM GIA-

Our Brands

Tan Pham Gia - Timeline

Tan Pham Gia - Founded

Founder & CEO An Nguyen and Co-Founder Thanh Pham opened a small shop selling clothes and alteration services. The shop was named Tan Pham Gia located in Disitrict 1, Ho Chi Minh city. 


Tan Pham Gia - Factory & Warehouse

An Nguyen - CEO of Tan Pham Gia-  decided to change Tan Pham Gia's business structure from importing clothes for retail to a private brand. Thus, the company invested to build it's own factory and it's desgin team. The factory was located in District 12, Ho Chi Minh city.


Tan Pham Gia - First Private Brand "MILVUS"

Once the Tan Pham Gia's factory done after 2-year construction, An Nguyen & his co-founder started their first private brand under Tan Pham Gia company. It's called Milvus with a target to business customers and office staffs. An Nguyen named the brand as Milvus that is a genus of medium-sized birds of prey.


Tan Pham Gia - Expanding Company Size

After 3 years, MILVUS brand had been distributed to hundreds of retails shop in Southern Vietnam, and to thounsands of customers. With a passion of deliver what best and more to customers, the founder An Nguyen decided to expand the company factory's size by 30% to increase it's capacity by 50%. The Co-Founder Thanh Pham was in charge to recruit more desginers and workers for production. At the end of the year, Tan Pham Gia had 30 full-time employees and 15 casual employees.


Tan Pham Gia - First It's Own Store In Shopping Mall

With goal of reaching more targeted customers for the company most popular brand Milvus, the Senior Executive Team of Tan Pham Gia decided to open series of it's own store in many shopping malls located in the Southern area of Vietnam. The first store was opened in Big C, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City.


Tan Pham Gia - MILVUS expanding

Built on trust and quality, MILVUS brand was sold to ten thousands of customers. In 2012, MILVUS was produly to be distributed at all Big C shopping centres in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam.


Tan Pham Gia - MILVUS distributed at Lotte & Co.op Mart

2013 was a good year for Tan Pham Gia, the company was invited to distribute it's brand Milvus to all shopping centres of Lotte and Co.op Mart in Ho Chi Minh city and Vung Tau city.


Tan Pham Gia - other brands & expanding

Tan Pham Gia created othter brands including Bora, Bluekite, Antik, Lutj to deliver more choices to customers. Also, Tan Pham Gia opened it's owned store at the biggest shopping mall - AEON Tan Phu- in Ho Chi Minh city in 2014.


Tan Pham Gia - company size

Since it's first store in Ho Chi Minh city, Tan Pham Gia has opened 15 stores in big shopping centres located in Southern Vietnam, mostly in Ho Chi Minh city. 


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